"Bob Ross" My TJ juggy build


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Nov 5, 2005
Newton, NC
I think this is a VERY under rated part. I also believe it to be the lightest set up that uses 1480 joints too.

Agreed. There are a number of folks out west running the dodge parts with no issues.

Joe J.

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Jun 18, 2009
King, NC

Couple of weeks ago I dropped off Bob at Chris's shop. I was starting to have issues with the spartan in the 60 coming unlocked at the worst times, when I needed it most. Usually on uphill climbs. So I decided to swap it out for a Yukon spool. And while I was at it I also bought a Detroit for the 14b off of Chris and we installed them both in an afternoon. He also fab'd up a big power steering resi to help with flow into the psc pump. Then this past weekend a group of us misfitz went down to gulches to have some fun. Ole Bob did well and had no issues keeping both front tires spinning.