Helping out in ICY conditions


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Mar 17, 2005
January 26, 2013

Local 4x4 Club Helps Out during Icy Weekend Weather

A local off-road enthusiasts’ club, Central North Carolina 4x4, assisted with transporting medical, church employees and shelter employees to and from their respective hospitals, churches and shelters over ice-ridden roads this past weekend.

The club set up a dispatch phone number at member Ken Carter's home for facilities to call and request rides. Ken then relayed the requests to CNC 4x4 members living nearest to the person needing a ride.

Facilities assisted included the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities, Urban Ministries, Cary Health and Rehab Center, and local hospitals.

Calls began coming in at 11:30 am on Friday and continued until 10 am on Saturday.

“We are happy to volunteer and help out the community during a time like this,” said Carter, a former president of the club. “It's a great way for us to provide a unique service and step up to help people that really need to get to work in bad weather.”

Central North Carolina 4x4 Club is a nonprofit organization founded to provide social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership by participating in and supporting civic and environmental activities for the betterment of the community. For more information about the club visit

Dylan W.

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Mar 17, 2007
Mocksville NC
I think this is great. Should be more folks from nc4x4 participating in programs such as this.

The other morning,Just reading the school closings at the bottom of the tv screen, I was surprised when I read ''meals on wheels'' was shut down. I guess it makes sense that the usual delivery folks couldnt go, but I couldnt help but wonder how many went hungry that day. I made a phone call, to see if 4x4 owners could help, only to be told that they didnt have cooks or folks to prepare the meals.

Good job Ken and CNC!