MOTD (Meme of the Day)

We learned history, opera/music, cinema, comedy, and many other things we could use in life. It was an a awesome time.
Not to mention multiplication, grammar, and government from a bunch of singing "rock" cartoon commercials that were between shows.
I'm curious what makes land particularly good or bad for this. Obviously open sky is a requirement but I would about odd grades, drainage, etc. Might this be a good use of land in nowheresville that is unlikely useful for any development or doesn't perc or whatever.
(@UTfball68 ...)

So that you have an answer, it's usually only feasible and offered if you live near a substation. My dad looked into it years ago before planting pine trees and that was their answer at that time.
Yep that was the color of our stove, dishwasher, and fridge growing up in our house.

Same. And corded avocado green phone with like a mile-long handset cord that could reach from the kitchen to the living room. And a dial. Friend had a phone number that had 3 nines in it. Took forever to call him. Kids now adays have no idea.