Random pic thread.

Some crappy cherry that needed gone. Made a good dent today. Took down 4 trees total. Still have one to turn into pieces but ran out of motivation.
My portable air compressor died on my last trip out right when I need it. My curiosity got the better of me so I took it apart to see what broke. Apparently the rod decided to become disconnected from the drive motor. From the best I can tell from looking at the other side it was just a press fit.
Loaded up the skidsteer to help a buddy unstuck his in-laws motor home in his back yard. Didn't even make it out of my own driveway before getting stuck.

My options were either unload the trailer, or unload some diesel.

Must say, I was pretty impressed with the ol truck. It had 13k pounds behind it to pull out.
Somewhere a meme could be made, but that's not my expertise.

But eggs I think may pay better per weight. Any nerds wanna calculate it?

And I just needed to clean up around the shop.
As much as I hate Amazon, I find it amazing that I can order a decent quality 2-3/4" impact socket at 8:30pm last night and it arrives at 3pm today.

Thank goodness it got here so fast so that I could let it sit on my workbench for 2-4 weeks before actually using it...
Got around to cleaning up the damage from Thursday night. It was definitely a Tornado, but it was an EF0 with 75mph winds that was 25 yards wide. Thank the Lord that was all, because it went right over us.

Good opportunity to play with the big boy toys today.
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Theres just something gratifying about completely burying your foot in chips.
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Once I got the damaged tree down and cleaned up, I felt motivated to take care of a couple others that had been on the list.
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And got 1 stump ground too before dinner time.

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Ended up taking down and cutting up 11 trees total, 7 little 5-6 inch trees and 4 big pines in the 14-18" range. Started at 3pm, and stopped at 6:30. Not bad for 3.5hrs.
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