The Red Rocket

Just an update about the jeep, but no pictures.

-I'm running a RCI 2161 fuel cell with a E8248 pump now < loving it.

-Had Will @ Rightside build me a full skid from the back of the Atlas to about 4" short of the front axle tube with 1/4" plate, and cover it with 5/8" HDPE cutting board material. No more crumpling the stock skid and exhaust (or oil pan).

-Time before last at DPG I bent the stock steering, and then replaced it with the Ruffstuff Y-link steering kit that uses 1.5" DOM, .25" wall with 1 ton tie rod and drag link ends. Had to ream out my pitman arm and knuckles and then adjust my steering stops, but it's all in now and works very well. I'm happy with the new steering set up.

It will get wheeled like this until I need to do something else with it, but right now I'm loving the set up.
According to the whiteboard in my garage Brandon drinks his own pee.

It's ok, his jeep is pretty sick!
I think they're hilarious. Coolness factor, maybe not haha. When I can justify spending the cash, I'll likely get a set of 17" Racelines. Until then, this tire and wheel combo will get wheeled on. I got the tire/wheel set up when I got the jeep, and they work pretty well for what they are. It doesn't seem like the "cheapest" way to go with a build, but its how it turned out.

A lot of the mods I've done so far have been through necessity of what I'm wanting out of my equipment. The tires and wheels are working well enough right now, aesthetics aside. I do think they're funny though.

Unfortunately I'm in a spot right now where I could try to dick around with trying to sell the tire/wheel combo, or just wait for a 5 on 5.5 set of beadlocks to come my way, and get a set of 37s.... but that would be $$$$ that I don't have right now.
somethin about seein a Jeep on 20s gettin wheeled makes me smile. i like em.
Got a (nearly) new set of shoes today.... 35" KM2s on 32 bolt beadlocks.


I tinkered around with these near the house a little bit today; my first impressions are that they don't hook up as well if its slick, but they do grip dry rock very well and have a smooth trail ride. It's yet to be determined how they'll do on some gnarlier stuff, but I'm hoping they do well! It'll be nice to have a beadlock also.
Thanks guys. I like this set-up pretty good. I aired them up from 10psi to street pressure today; they're super smooth on the road. I think its a bit of a sacrifice off-road, but I have to drive to the trail right now anyways so whatever.... and I have beadlocks now.
I'm enjoying them. They're smooth on the street and work pretty well in the cut. Dry rocks are their real specialty. They don't clean out as well as the IROKs, but I need to stay out of mud anyways! Haha

How are you liking the IROKs?

1.5” DOM Crossover steering with 3/4” heims. Drilled the knuckles and pitman arm out to 5/8” straight bore
Used the factory track bar mount for a steering stabilizer and used a 1.5” DOM tube clamp on the drag link side