What State Are You From?

What state are you from?

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Born and raised in a tiny town in Northern Michigan. You could walk out the door, turn any direction and be on a different lake in under a mile. Loved it to death but the Army has been home since 2002. Mi, Hi, Ok, Hi, NC, La amongst a handful of colorful “vacations” around the globe. Now I’m planning to finish my career and retire at the ripe old age of 41 back here in N.C. and see where life takes me!
Born and raised in VT, moved around a bunch for work and school. Ended up in NC when I decided I wanted to see the sun more then 5 months a year.
Embarrassingly born in California. Spend my childhood going base to base as a Marine Corps brat. Dad retired here in NC and I've never left. Spent my HS years in Swansboro.
I am originally from Peoria, IL, but relocated for work in 1989 to Spartanburg, SC. I absolutely love it down here. In 1999, I went to visit a friend of mine in FL and he had a Jeep CJ7. I fell in love with Jeeps, came back and bought one and I still have it to this day! Right now it is in the shop having an overhaul! It's got about 186,000 miles on the original engine, which was rebuilt at 135,000 miles. Anyway, glad to be here, love to read about Jeep stories. Towing High Point NC