What State Are You From?

What state are you from?

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Born and raised in NJ...college in OH,...live in NJ until I was 34, and then transferred with my company to Stokesdale NC ..... where they will probably bury me.
Born and raised in Canonsburg, PA (30 mins south of 'da burgh). Graduated and went to college for 4-1/2 years in Williamsport, PA. Graduated there and moved home with my newfound girlfriend, living with the parents lasted all of about 2 weeks. Got an apartment in Houston, PA, 2 miles from the house I grew up in, stayed for almost 3 years. Moved to Raleigh the end of November '12, brought the ole lady with. We both love it here, miss home every once in a while, but met some awesome people here that make it feel like home, so I'm staying haha.
Midland, NC been here for the last 13 years, lived in Charlotte before that.

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Everywhere. I was a military brat.

Born in AZ, lived in CA twice, VA twice, FL, Japan and MS. I claim MS for now, as that's where my vheciles are tagged and family lives. But I "grew up" and went to highschool in VA, so I'm partial to there as well.
My answer to that question is, "it's kind of a long story." I was born on an Army Base in California. I moved to upstate NY when I was 2. We moved down to the east coast of Florida when I was 12. When my parents split up, we moved to Arkansas when I was 16. I also went to college there. Moved back to the west coast of Florida for a little over a year when I ran out of money, then joined the Air Force. In the AF I spent time in TX, CO, AR, IL, MS, ROK & NJ. After 10.5 years in the AF, we moved here and have been here since. I think now I've actually lived here the longest of any one place in my life.
Taylors, SC but from Niagara Falls NY

Lots of us transplants here. Haha

Simpsonville SC, made in Oceanside NY

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I'm originally from Virginia, lived there until 2012, then I moved to North Carolina. My mother is from North Carolina and pretty much her entire side of the family resides in North Carolina so it was an easy choice to move here.
Born & raised in NJ (class of '89). Went to two trade schools (rhode island & Boston) & then worked/lived all around New England. Moved back to NJ in '96. Just relocated to Fort Mill, SC. They had better bury me here, 'cause there is no way I am moving all this stuff again!
Marine Corps brat here so plenty to choose from though I've been in NC since the mid 80s and have no plans to leave.
Born and raised in Virginia, moved to North Carolina in 2012, but my mothers side of the family is from/still lives in North Carolina, so I've always felt I'm more a North Carolinian than anything else.
Let's see, I was born in NYC ('73), moved to Long Island ('87), then I moved to NC ('97), and then moved to SC ('13).
Born in Los Angeles, raised in Socal (near San Diego, only USMC would probably know my town lol) moved to NC in 96