Building a Shop on a budget...(My Shop Project Build)

Well I am back at it..

seems like life always gets in the way of finishing things..

but I hope I can stay on this until it is up..




Well I got some sand dropped off more block and we got all the water out of the trenches.

going to be laying block today


it needs some bamboo...

Bamboo is clearly visable in the pics bro!

Nice progress Ken! I'm envious...

Was given a FREE 18' x 25' freestanding "carport" that just has to be dismantled and hauled home. It looks like the lower uncovered 4' and the ends can be enclosed relatively easy, so we'll see. Unfortunately, where it needs to go in the yard will require some grading/stump removal/massaging prior to digging some footings/anchor points = no money for that at the moment :rolleyes:
Thanks.. this project has been a long time coming..

it will a while before it is 100% done.. but atleast it is started now :)
inside of block is now full of concrete and lag bolts are in


Just had to drive the Jeep into it for size comparison.. Jeep is a little more then half way back.
well got some more done today..

NO pics.. Got dark to quick tonight :)

Got the bottom Frame drilled and mounted to concrete with lag bolts every 4' on center.

Next step is to start putting up frame and then start the outside skin.
Well I got a pic...

this is what happens when your freind drops a 36 foot piece of steel on your foot

at least you can walk on them, this is good, broken toes SUCK !!,
Been there done that, and am reminded about it everytime the weather changes. 28 years later

THe orthopedic shoe you have to wear for 6 weeks is REAL stylish too !
Well Today was a GREAT DAY..

had about 12 guys shop up at different times during the day.
Had Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks for lunch.
and Got the enitre building up in 8 hrs

We worked until it got DARK..

we used my generator to run power all day.. lasted all day and never ran out of gas.. not bad.

I still need to add some flashing and some extra stuff but for the most part it is up

Lots of pics..