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Monday night, we moved a whole bunch of stuff around on the NC4x4 server. We have redirected most of the old locations to the new locations, but it is possible that you may have some links that aren't working anymore.

If you see something that isn't working like you think it should, please let us know.

The 12 Days of NC4x4 - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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Let the 12 Days of NC4x4 begin! The first winner will be drawn tonight at 9pm. Check back every night between now and Christmas to see if you've won.

It's THAT time!!! (The Official 12 Days Entry Thread) 2014

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This will be the FIFTH annual 12 Days of NC4x4 giveaway! As always, we appreciate our members and vendors and want to give something back for your support and for making the board the great place that it is.

This is the entry thread for the 12 Days of NC4x4.

Starting on Saturday, December 13, at approximately 9pm, and continuing each day until Christmas Eve, we'll pick one entry from this thread as the day's winner. We'll announce the winner and the prize in a separate thread.

We're not going to do it quite like the song, but each day's prize will be bigger and better than what came before.

I'd like to remind everyone that our supporting Vendors are instrumental in pulling this off. If you're shopping for 4x4-related gifts or making your wish list, be sure to consider shopping with our amazing vendors!
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Rock Corps 4x4 Toy Run October 24-26

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Rock Corps 4x4 Club is hosting an Open Ride & Toy Run on October 24-26, 2014, at The Flats in Marion, NC. The primary goal is to collect toys and donations for foster kids in McDowell County, NC, through the Department of Social Services. For every rig, bring a toy for $10 off the price of admission (see below for full admission details).

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New Features and How to Use Them

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The forum software has been recently updated and includes a number of new or improved features.
Read on for a brief list and a few how-to demonstrations....

Stop the insanity, save the thermostats!

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Catchy title got your attention didn't it? Once again I have been beckoned by Mr and Mrs NC4x4 for a wee bit o' tech. Enjoy...

Each year as the outside temps drop, 2 things happen. People complain about crappy fuel mileage and million of perfectly good thermostats are tossed in the trash can of the shop. Together we can end this mindless abuse of thermostats. It seems whenever a lack of heat issue is posted that someone also throws out the proverbial "replace the thermostat" reply. Not so fast Einstein.

Before condemning the thermostat, let's actually diagnose the issue. The following is how I successfully diagnosed a lack of proper heat on my wife's 1998 Jeep ZJ.
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4x Focus... on the Uwharrie Fall Jamboree

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Bring the family! The weekend of October 13, 2012, at Uwharrie National Forest is not to be missed!


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