Round 2: Keepin' up with the Joneses, Mud Devils and Tony Woody

It's a shame you don't have a winch for your wench to winch with.
we used her new winch that Santa broughT her to drag the trees down through our gate. Unfortuneately, dragging the small limbs down our driveway somehow aggravated a near-herniated disc.
I may have miscalculated the amount of downhill lean a tree had at one point. A well placed winch line definately helped!
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Need lots of details for the lot less Forducated!
I've ran a factory Mustang 5.0 computer and conversion harness for years. Trouble free.
Going back with it after ditching the Holley Terminator stuff. I did order a new harness just for the sake of routing it where I want to.
It'll essentially be a 93 Mustang (again)
I sprung for a new distributor and coil just for the heck of it.
Got the Ron Francis harness pretty much installed under the hood. Once my intake tubing arrives, I can mount the mass air flow meter and move to the inside.
Brought Callie with me to the shop. She happily napped while I pondered why I ever made any "upgrades" to this thing at all.

Pardon the Instagram text. I'm an important bastard like that.
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UPS dropped off the air intake tube just now. With the Holley kit, I was able to ditch the MAF. But now, going back with the OEM FoMoCo stuff, gotta run one.
My plan is to put in a big day tomorrow. Gotta see how I'm feeling since slinging the wheels and brakes in our forklift has me Jonesing for some rest.
Fingers crossed for a big day of progress tomorrow
Had a couple hours free this afternoon and scratched around on the ECM wiring. I have one more supply circuit to wire in and it's time to fire up.
Dropped the $$$ MAF sensor, so that really sucked. Luckily, I have a small collection from my drag racing days.
Between a funeral, busy work week and house projects, I hope to squeeze in a little bit more time this week
Hooked up the battery, cranked it over five times and fired right up.
On the way back from advance Auto parts with an 1/8" pipe plug and a bag of oil dry. Somebody forgot they shipped the oil pressure transducer to the guy who bought the Terminator kit.
On a good note, engine oil shooting 6 ft up the wall of your garage is a pretty good indicator of proper oil pressure.