Love the progress you two have made! It's gonna be one killer of a buggy when done! Oh, and I love the addition of the AC! Any chance you can post a link for them?
Any chance you can post a link for them?

You need this for the winch rope.

The winch rope when not in use will be pinned to the front axle for suck down duties. I’m only using synthetics for winching. No hook and no steel shackles. I have several soft shackles in the recovery bag.
Everybody knows that rednecks love shiny. This week @mcutler shop it’s all about exhaust. True dual 2.5”, all T304 stainless steel, through a Borla ProXS muffler. We come up a few bends short to finish out through the Borla resonators, but it’s ordered and on the way. Next trip will get it done…


Not sure what you have planned for exhaust wrap/heat shield

This is what we’ve been looking at. I’m told that an air gap above the muffler combined with a sheet of this stuff will be my best “bang for the buck”. If it’s not enough, I’ll definitely look into doing more.

Does that stuff attach to the bottom of your floor or do you make a bracket for it and let it "float" in the air gap between the muffler and the floor?
To be 100% honest, I’m making a few assumptions. I’m envisioning it to be a rigid plate. How rigid is yet to be determined. If it is, I plan to mount it to some standoffs below the floor pan. The air gap science I’ll leave to Matt.
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There is sooooo much room in that belly ! (<--- this sounded weird :D)
There needs to be a lot of room for my feet. We still have two pedals to squeeze in there somewhere.
The things we do for women. Tear apart a perfectly good suspension seat just to add butt warmers…

Well, I'm with Heather, I'd love to have heated seats in my seats too. Warmth, YES, but mostly I'd love to have it for the aches and pains of my back!
To be completely honest, I’ll definitely use them too. A cold morning or that 2AM ride back to camp, I’ll definitely have them bad boys on HIGH.
Another 72 hours @mcutler shop and quite a few things checked off the list. WOD 7075 links installed on the rear. Borla exhaust is DONE and probably the sweetest looking setup I’ve ever owned. I can’t wait to hear it. Rear lower shock tabs are tacked on and the rear suspension has been cycled. Currie Antirock rear sway bar is in and tacked to the 14B. Midship driveshaft with carrier bearing has been assembled from my old leftover parts. Brand new rear Adams driveshaft cut to length, welded, and installed. Not pictured is the new serpentine belt that’s installed. It only took 3 trips to O’Reillys…








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Looking good :cool:

Is that carried bearing on bushings or hard mounted ?
It has rubber isolators around both of the mounting bolt holes. sweet !
What brand is it ?
It came from Carolina Driveline back when I had shafts built for my S10. It’s rebuildable with a press in bearing. Hopefully it run real good, last long time.
What did you use for the driveshaft bearing and parts for the front 2 piece?
Everything you see on that midship shaft came from Carolina Driveline. I’m using Adam’s Driveshaft for front and rear shafts. All 1350 joints.
Good amount of head scratching and staring at the buggy last couple days @mcutler shop trying to mount a few things. Found out right quick that what I think looks good isn’t necessarily the best place for it. Matt has a gift that I lack and that’s visualizing a fluid system in it’s entirety. That’s how you end up with the hydraulic fluid filter mounted under the driver seat in route to the fluid cooler. Definitely makes for easy service.

Matt also cut up my PSC reservoir and repurposed the base to build a custom one forward of the #SCOR pump and got my capacity up to roughly .75 gallons.

We got the battery box braced up and threw in the optima battery.

Also got the aluminum for my engine skid cut down to size and we even added two ribs for strength. This panel is independent of the rest of the belly skid and is easily removable for oil changes.

My last project was the -20AN coolant hoses up front. Parallel hoses make my OCD happy!

The list gets shorter @mcutler shop. This round we managed to get the radiator mounted and the last of the -20AN coolant lines made.


Transmission cooler lines made, routed, and plumbed.

Carrier bearing mounted.

Two front driveshafts made and clearanced for my low pinion Dana 60. One to run and another to mount in these TMR mounts to have an onboard spare.


Got the new HD shifters installed from Advance Adapters on the Atlas.

Engine skid is on for good.

Last thing, before I left, we wanted to get her off the table and get a weight. Broke out the scales and was pleasantly surprised. As she sits, 4100 pounds. I’ll definitely stay under my goal of 5000 pounds!