"Take 92" - YJ Linked with Nines


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Mar 17, 2005
Well As some of you know I have been threw a few projects and ideas in the last few years.. from 98 XJ to full tube chassis to what I am finally building.

For reference here is last build that had way to many changes in it so that is why I am starting a new thread.

So here is the Story..

After I wrecked my XJ racing it I decided I wanted an open top Jeep that my family of 4 could ride in and we could all enjoy it but then I also could go out with the guys on some hard trails and be able to keep up.

So After selling a bunch of parts I found a nice YJ

It is a 92 YJ with a XJ 4.0 and TJ NV3550.
My Plan is to rip out the dana 30 and 8.8 and replace them with 9's add a dana 300 and 4 link with sway a way air shocks.

pics of Jeep as I got it



One of the coolest things with this build is my son (Corbin) has really started to get involved with me in the garage which is just cool as it gets.

Then I spent some time building a rear bumper, modifying a tire carrier, adding a winch, a battery box and the last thinking I need to do is mess with the axle disconnect tomorrow night..

as I needed to use the Jeep for the rest of the year till winter before I planned to rip out the axles




Well winter is here so it is time to rip out the axles and start on the new build

And so it begins.....

pulled out the rear 9" to start tearing it apart. Next is to build the nodular 9" center section and then clean up the axle( wire brush time)

Glad to see you finally get going on it! I think there was something I told you I had and I was going to send to you and now I can't remember what it was. If you remember let me know.
All axles are out and it is now time to cut off all old brackets and clean the frame to get read for my 4 link kit.. ( it sweet, just wait till you see it )


Where did you buy that front 9" housing? It looks good.
Where did you buy that front 9" housing? It looks good.

horse traded for housing (ruff stuff 9"), then bought knuckles and solid inner C off nc4x4 then had Andy Zubz cut the housing and weld on inner c's
was a little cold in shop tonight


got off all but one leaf hanger and few other things that need to be removed



few things that are now gone

well few more hours in the garage cutting stuff off and taking stuff off.

got all leaf mounts completely off and frame smoothed, exhaust cut and removed, factory skid removed, np231 removed..if i get lucky I will get a few more hrs tomorrow to try to get fuel tank down and a few others things I need to cut off.

also got rid of the stock axles this weekend and part of the deal was a sweet 50" light bar from which should light up the trail very nicely..



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37 degrees, i can fix that lol, are you gonna put pinion guards on them, saw you didnt have any before, barnes makes a good one, good luck let me know if you need a hand with anything
I do have heat in the garage. But with no insulation yet takes a while to warm up :) I actually have some pinion guards for the 9 also. Thanks
Well got the fuel tank and skid plate out, and rear bumper and tire carrier off. then started working on dana 300 to get it ready to go in jeep.


Ooh yeah! This is what I've been waiting for. Nothing beats cutting up a perfectly good driving jeep. Just don't part this one out...unless of course, you have parts that I need. :D
Ooh yeah! This is what I've been waiting for. Nothing beats cutting up a perfectly good driving jeep. Just don't part this one out...unless of course, you have parts that I need. :D

Funny my wife said the same thing :)

but it will be a lot better then it was before this build..
Well parts have started arriving :)

Just got my MotoBilt 4 link kit, fuel cell, light bar brackets, and other small odds and ends.