Update Please pray for Pam Please Pray for Shane.

Continued prayers for you both.
I'm just over the mtn a little ways if you need anything.
Thank God for miracles! Looks like she will be going home today hopefully by around lunchtime. Only issue now is she has a little fluid on her lungs but breathing fine. The put her on some lasix for a couple days to help with that. She just needs to get up and move since she’s been in a hospital bed since 6:00 pm Monday. Follow up with her cardiologist in 2 weeks if she doesn’t have any issues.
Good news! Glad y’all are going home. Call if you need anything.
Cardiologist got back with us and one of the heart meds the hospital prescribed is known to cause insomnia. It was a twice a day med and since she started on it in the hospital on Wednesday hasn’t really slept. Thankfully her cardiologist looked into it and changed to a different medication that doesn’t have the side effect and does the same thing for the heart. Praying she sleeps tonight and can start healing physically and mentally. I’m planning on going to work tomorrow for the first time since this started as long as she is okay in the morning and gets some rest. Thanks again for the continued prayers.
Shane praying that you and all your family is just surrounded by love. Sorry for your loss
So very sorry for your loss Shane. Continued prayers for you and your family. I'm glad she was at home with you when she passed.
Oh shit. That's a gut punch. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.
I'm so very sorry to hear this. Prayers for comfort during this difficult time.