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M&M Offroad Is proud to sponsor a Hill Climb Short Coarse challenge on Sat May 30 at 2:00. This will be held at the lower obstacle sections of The Flats Offroad Park. We hope all will attend and lots will participate. There will be cash awards as well as custom built trophies by M&M Offroad.

It will be a doable course and will encompass driver skill, speed, and maneuverability. Please contact me with text, pms, or phone calls for questions or to sign up. We will be taking sign up on the day of but prefer to get early registrations.

There are other Great Venders who are putting up hard earned money for the winnings of the events.

Thanks To
The Flats Off Road Park
Jody Treadway @ Carolina axle & 4x4
Chris Steuber from Ujoint Offroad
NC 4x4 The Website Shawn and Cydney

More to come....

Thanks PJ
M&M Offroad

Here is a list of rules

Hill climb will be on the parking lot obstacle area.
Must have seat belt or harness. No lap belts. Must wear a helmet. Must have hard top or roll bar/cage.
Timed event with 1 rig at a time
38" tire and up will go up the rocks turn up top above the rock garden then come down dirt hill beside the rocks then shoot up the steep climb to the right of the rocks.
37" and under will go up the rock obstacle the same turn at the top and go off of dirt hill then they will go up the concrete hill climb and not have to go up the steep hill.
Sxs race will run a modified version of the 37" class.
Sign up fee is $10
Winner gets 50% of the pot other 50% goes to benefit, This is on top of other sponsor cash and prize donations.
One man's six year old thread about a faulty solenoid suddenly uncorks a flood of excellent tech information on Warn's venerable M8274 family of winches. Contactor upgrades, motor replacements, parts diagrams, and (of course) a Gigglepin reference or two. Plus, how to properly troubleshoot a solenoid. If you're into that sort of thing.
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If you see something that isn't working like you think it should, please let us know.
Let the 12 Days of NC4x4 begin! The first winner will be drawn tonight at 9pm. Check back every night between now and Christmas to see if you've won.
This will be the FIFTH annual 12 Days of NC4x4 giveaway! As always, we appreciate our members and vendors and want to give something back for your support and for making the board the great place that it is.

This is the entry thread for the 12 Days of NC4x4.

Starting on Saturday, December 13, at approximately 9pm, and continuing each day until Christmas Eve, we'll pick one entry from this thread as the day's winner. We'll announce the winner and the prize in a separate thread.

We're not going to do it quite like the song, but each day's prize will be bigger and better than what came before.

I'd like to remind everyone that our supporting Vendors are instrumental in pulling this off. If you're shopping for 4x4-related gifts or making your wish list, be sure to consider shopping with our amazing vendors! Click here to register!...
Rock Corps 4x4 Club is hosting an Open Ride & Toy Run on October 24-26, 2014, at The Flats in Marion, NC. The primary goal is to collect toys and donations for foster kids in McDowell County, NC, through the Department of Social Services. For every rig, bring a toy for $10 off the price of admission (see below for full admission details). Click here to continue...