2002 2500HD - Solid Axle Tow Rig

The pictures and descriptions are a little out of order, but I'm tired and it's 3 am.

I can tell you that these are probably some of the easiest automatics to work with. Everything is massive and pretty much only fits together one way. Hats off to the egineers at Allison, they really did a nice job.

Also, I'm a machinist...so that's very high praise from me! :D
I'm pretty proficient at accomplishing late nights, sore backs, and aching hands. At least once it's done and driving again, I can have AC and heated seats back in my life!

Also, I didn't plan it, but the weather has been amazing this week. I couldn't have chosen a better week to take off if I had tried!
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I got to sleep so late and woke up around 10 or so. Ran to the Walmart and got a new battery for my Super-10...and some wiper because it was raining. Totally forgot to get brake cleaner though.

Then went over and finished up with getting the valve body done. Had to clean, drill two holes in the separator plate, then just follow the instructions for the TransGo stuff and reassemble everything.

So, valve body, new internal wiring harness, internal filter, pan/gasket, new NSBU switch, shifter arm, torqued the output shaft nut, intermediate speed sensor, and put the driver's side PTO cover on.

Tomorrow, we'll take it off the stand, slide the converter in there, and bolt on the passenger's side PTO cover. That'll be IT! Other than that, I just have to flush the coolers and cooler lines before I stuff it back in the truck.

The billet flexplate wasn't going to show up until next Tuesday, so I'll get a credit for that and he's sending filters for my first service. Works for me and I get 350 buxks back. If the rear main leaks later on, then I'll get a flexplate and change it out at the same time.














I remembered to take a picture of the offending clutch pack that made all of this necessary. I present to you, smoked C2 clutches with a side of roasted steels.

This is what the clutch should basically look like. Note the oil grooves in the friction material and normal-ish looking steel.



Now...this is what the rest of them look like 😅 😬





They don't supposed to look like that! Whoops :D
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It's DONE. It's in the truck....and it WORKS!

I did some minor prep work before bolting it in the truck, cleaned a few things, hit the driveshaft flange faces with some sandpaper because they got rained on, etc.

Got it up in the truck, etc.

Poured in 12 qts of ATF and fired it up. Then added a few more, dropped the lift, and backed it up. Probably let it run for 15 minutes and checked the fluid. I think I'm around 19 qts right now.

I made about a 3 mile loop from my buddy's house. It shifted up and down through all five gears and once I hit the highway and got up to 55 mph, the converter locked nice and solid.

Going to pick it up in the morning and bring it home. The plan is to ride over to another buddy's house and use his scan tool to command a fast learn. It shifts itself through all the gears and calculates shift solenoid timing and fluid volume. Reverse and drive engagements are a little...not quite harsh, but, very solid. The upshift to 4th is abrupt and seems early. Converter lockup is pleasing. Once I do a fast learn and clear TAPS, I'm quite sure it will be nice and smooth.

I'm excited and ready to put some miles on it again!
Here's today's pictures:









As you can see, the picture taking slowed down some today. It's been a long week, but totally worth it. I saved myself a solid 2000 bucks. If any of yall are thinking of or needing an Allison built, it's definitely the easiest automatic transmission I've ever done...they're just big and HEAVY. An ATSG manual, a good build kit, and someone you can call with questions are all you need :D
Had to do some HP Tuners stuff for a buddy this morning and he gave me a ride to pick up my truck and let me use his SnapOn Triton to do the relearn. Quick, easy, and shifts like butter now :D

I love it when a (really expensive) plan comes together!
I love it when a (really expensive) plan comes together!
You need a (really expensive) stogie hangin out your face to say that one properly! :huggy:
I've put about 75 miles in it so far. Sometimes I forget I fixed it and then see it or remember all over again and it's still just as good as the first time :D

Hottest I've seen it so far has been 170 degrees. It usually runs 155-165. I figured it'd be a touch warmer, but I'm cool with it.

Trans temp is at the lower left of the monitor.



I'm still riding around and varying throttle input to let the TAPS relearn. It stores the last ---? number of shifts and their shift strategies. It gets a little better every time. I know it'll hold, but I haven't gotten on it too awfully hard yet. I think I ran through the gears at around 10 lbs of boost. It definitely doesn't take as much throttle input to get up to cruising speed now.

It's getting dropped off at the body shop in two weeks to get the hood and roof repainted.

It's so nice having it back!

Also, @77GreenMachine holler at me when you want to build the trans in the MegaHauler :D
Nothing bad to report on the transmission, it's doing great and learning shift strategies a little more every day.

I DID finally fill it up with fuel. That was painful. 270 bucks and it wasn't empty. The fuel tank sump bung also started leaking between the plastic and the threaded aluminum bung. I hate it when my bung hole leaks, don't yall?

I emailed S&B and sent some pics. Hopefully they'll warranty it. I can't afford to be dripping liquid gold everywhere nor can I afford another fuel tank right now. Their email said they suggest using Teflon tape over fuel resistant thread sealant. Obviously they don't know that diesel fuel can and will leach through Teflon tape, but it's not leaking around the threads at all. I'm going to wind up calling to talk to someone without rectal-cranial inversion.

Trans temps and injector rates are looking very nice. If I can get this fuel leak fixed, I'll be tickled. The next maintenance would be rotating the tires and the 5000 mile transmission break in service.

Ambient air temps were 92 degrees here.


81 degrees here, on my way back home tonight.





I know it doesn't look like much, but it leaks constantly and will leave a pretty good sized puddle when you park. Even for just a few minutes.
Good news. S&B got back to me today and they're shipping me a repair fitting for the sump outlet. I'm assuming it's some sort of threaded bulkhead style fitting or something along those lines. We'll see when it gets here or when they email the installation instructions. I definitely did not want to have to pull that big ass fuel tank out!

I gave the transmission a...thorough...testing on Saturday night. Although, I probably burned a few thousand miles off the rear tires. #worthit

I think I let it start rolling once it shifted in to fourth gear :D

It passed the test! She's golden, pony boy.

Dropped it off today to get the hood and roof repainted. I had just gotten used to air conditioning again too, dang it.
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I DID finally fill it up with fuel. That was painful. 270 bucks and it wasn't empty. The fuel tank sump bung also started leaking between the plastic and the threaded aluminum bung.
A full tank is when all bad things happen... in-tank pumps shat the bed, bungs start weeping, pickups clog from delaminated "liner stuff" (Ford C&C issue), or just needs to be dropped to get to other things...

At least you can employ a drip pan to catch said liquid gold vs. trying to find enough empty containers to siphon 40+ 🤬 gallons into on the side of the road :D
We need video of said action!

That is definitely the plan :D You'll have to excuse all of the Spanish gibberish in the background, of course 😅
It's sanded and almost ready for primer. I've been lazy and haven't stopped by the body shop to check on progress since I dropped it off.

Just hope I can afford to get it back 😬


The hood is popped, don't worry. The body lines are tight on this rig.

If that primer was a little darker, I'd almost tell them to shoot the whole truck with it. They had a battleship gray-ish colored Challenger there that would be a damn nice color on my truck! I'd hate to have to foot the bill for a color change though...shewww.

I figure I'll have it back by the end of the week. I miss the AC already.
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The hood is popped, don't worry. The body lines are tight on this rig.

If that primer was a little darker, I'd almost tell them to shoot the whole truck with it. They had a battleship gray-ish colored Challenger there that would be a damn nice color on my truck! I'd hate to have to foot the bill for a color change though...shewww.

I figure I'll have it back by the end of the week. I miss the AC already.
If you don't mind, how much is that going to cost you. My Dodge is showing weathering on the front where the carport didn't shade it completely

Not sure yet. He's a life long friend, but I don't ask for a price break. However, he's looking out for me on the hood and fender because they painted the front end in late 2016 after the wreck. He said the guys probably hit it with two coats of clear, buffed it too much, and basically cut all the clear off of it. I asked him to do the roof since it'd already be in the booth. It was looking rough and I knew it wouldn't get any better.

I'm hoping for 800-ish, but we'll see. Luckily, it was just sand and spray. No body work or filler necessary.

I know the price of materials has skyrocketed. I think he told me a gallon of base mix is about 500 bucks and a gallon of clear with reducer and hardener winds up being about 750. Obviously, it won't take that much to do what I need, but still pricey!
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Stopped by today just to BS with the guys at the shop. It's sanded smooth and ready for color. Not sure if they'll spray it this afternoon or not, but I figure I might have it back maybe Tuesday?

It's gotta get taped off, sprayed, cleared, buffed, put the fender flare back on, and then the third brake light.

They've got the rest of today, tomorrow, and til noon on Friday. Again, no rush and there's plenty of insurance/higher paying jobs ahead of it. I can wait...and at least the heat has slacked up so I'm not dying while driving the Super10 :D



I really need to replace that top cap on the front bumper. It looks like a bag of hammered assholes...
It's got color on it! They just have to put the pinstripes back on the fender, put the fender flare on, and put the mud flap back on. Then it'll be done. They've been in the middle of moving two frame machines, tool boxes, wiring up a new building addition and paint booth, etc. No hurry on my part anyway.



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Went and picked up the love of my life today 🥰






I'll give it a good cleaning this coming weekend, most likely. It looks damn good and I forgot just how good! I may touch up a few spots here and there where I can barely see some swirl marks after they polished it. Honestly, most people would never see them...but I'm me 🤷‍♂️

Definitely glad to have it back! I've gotta haul a truck to my buddy's house this weekend to rebuild the transmission and make a few bucks :D