2002 2500HD - Solid Axle Tow Rig

They're probably in the inlet side of the intercooler. If they turned to dust and went through the motor, oh well. If it's big pieces, then they can't go through it...so they're gunna stay where they are until I have enough time to pull the intercooler out and check.
Took the turbo out today. The shaft isn't bent, turbine is fine, but the bearings were a little galled up. There's no oiling issues, so it's likely from the wheel breaking and throwing it terribly out of balance.

My thoughts are...it's his lightweight wheel. The blades are pretty flexible. I mean, it's 7075 T6 aluminum, after all. It likely didn't enjoy any of the towing I did and sometimes you could heard it bark or stall. That's a lot of stress when all that air is trying to stop the compressor wheel. It probably fatigued and eventually just let go. I never ran it without the intake and air filter on it, so I know it didn't ingest anything to kill the wheel. I work on airplanes, so very very particular about FOD free near spinny stuff :D

That, or there was an assembly issue. Either way...it's out, not running another Tater Built turbo, and the new one will be here tomorrow.

I'm wondering if going to slightly larger exhaust manifolds and up pipes killed the exhaust velocity, but I feel like I'm overthinking that. The turbo was just too damn big and that's what he wanted to sell me. It needed 2000-2100 rpm to be happy. At this point, I just want to fix it and get my truck back up and running.

Here's some pictures from today though!


I did some Googling and YouTubing. It's possible to pull the intercooler without pulling the radiator. Looks like I'm gunna pull that out tomorrow morning. Worst case, I've actually got a spare one that I could throw in there. Might as well do it now and get it over with. I'm interested to see what's in it. It can't be too awful much. It's not like the wheel exploded and the inside of the compressor housing had surprisingly little damage or ding marks.

Stay tuned for more in the saga of the Tater Bomb turbo replacement.
Made some progress today, even though it's been raining most of the day.

The turbo is in, bolted down, oil drain/feed are hooked up, center section coolant lines are hooked up, and it's ready to have exhaust stuff bolted to it.

Hopefully I can get some time tomorrow without rain to at least do the stuff under the truck...up pipes, down pipe, and the front section of the exhaust. I can do the underhood stuff while it's raining. Just the back of my legs get wet. Should only be another couple of hours worth of work.

I did notice that it was really hard to get oil through the center section, but I'm pretty sure it's assembly lube and as soon and oil pressure hits and it gets a little heat, it'll be just fine.

I was pretty impressed with what LDS sends. Obviously, you get the standard install gaskets and these are real, quality items. They even send two new studs for the downpipe so you don't have to pull the old ones from your prior turbo. It's the little things that really make all the difference!



Once I get it running and I can move it, I plan to pull the front end in the shop so I can pull the intercooler just for defication and laughter. If any of the little bits turned to dust, they're long gone through the motor. I know the big chunks can't make it through the intercooler fins, but it'll drive me insane when I'm driving back down to SC next Monday. It certainly won't hurt, right? Right! :D
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Bring me one dem $2000 boats back.
Got it all buttoned up today. I already like this turbo more than the last one. Should have gotten this one to start with :rolleyes:

Drives much better, still sounds good, boost comes in quicker. It's just all around a better fit. According to my monitor, it moves just as much air, if not more, than the old one. No complaints!

Now I just need to rotate the tires and she'll be ready to get the hell beat out of her on I95 in SC. I'll probably do that Sunday. Gotta take a 28ft SeaPro out tomorrow and do some drinking. Oh, fishing too :D
Back from two SC work trips since replacing the turbo. Going strong and just rolled 330,000 miles today. Ran 80+ down there and back and somehow managed to pull off a solid 17 mpg with the AC on. I aint mad about it.

I absolutely love that S&B fuel tank. Topped off before I left and I filled up when I got back. 770 miles and burned 45 gallons. Not stopping for fuel is the best!

Nothing else to report, really. I've been gone too much to do anything or get in to any shenanigans.
332,000 and counting.

Had some noises arise and couldn't exactly pinpoint them, but it sounded grumpy, like a roaring roller bearing, but from under the hood. So, I pulled the belt off and checked everything on the belt drive. One idler pulley was a little slack and the fan hub had some play.

I ordered two new idlers and a fan hub. Got them installed today and it seems to have cleared up. I'll find out next week on the 6 hour drive back home.

I also ordered the bearings to rebuild the fan hub I removed. I've seen one write up on it, but very few pictures...so...guess what I'll be doing next!
Knocked out a few small and annoying things today. Adjusted the tail pipe, fixed the temp/compass display in the rear view, and figured out/fixed a dead speaker issue. The wires had popped off and fallen in the door. Next small issue will be the lights in the HVAC controls. They died about a week ago.

I also started looking at the fan hub. Looks like it won't be too hard to get torn down, I'll just need a press. Gotta knock the freeze plug out of the back, press the pulley off, the pull a snap ring out of the front, and press the guts out of the bracket. Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly :D



Had to put some solder on the back side of the LCD board.










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Welcome to use my press whenever

Almost missed it! That would have sucked...then I'd have to wait until 444,444. Phew....close call! :D I remember 222,222 like it was yesterday. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I can asure you, there's been no moss growing on this rig!
I'm not sure how much this load weighed, but I can tell you that it was hefty. Thirteen telephone poles, 30' each.


Not a whole lot going on with this lately. I did have to pull the oil pan and reseal that. Naturally I waited until it was about time for an oil change anyway. I got that all cleaned up last weekend, so now I wait to see if it start seeping again.

I filled it up a week or two ago. That only cost me 192 bucks. 3.36 a gallon, it went to 3.49 the next day, and I think I saw it was 3.59 today. Let's goooo Brandon!

I still need to replace the bearings in the old fan hub assembly and order a few small odds and ends. The cowl covers on either side have broken mount tabs. The driver's side on flew off apparently. I also need to get the replacement LED bulbs for the HVAC control panel.

If @shocker998md winds up buying my other Silverado, then I'll likely go ahead and order the build kit for the transmission in this rig. It's getting a little tired with a little over 335,500 miles on it and the converter straight up SUCKS, That will probably set me back around 4000 bucks, all said and done. It'll be awesome to have a transmission that isn't scared of a little extra power and a converter that actually has decent fluid coupling abilities. After reading my ATSG book 5 or 6 times and watching several videos, I'm fully confident in myself to rebuild it. All the parts and subassemblies are pretty massive parts and straightforward kinda stuff. You really don't even need any super special tools to get it done, aside from the output shaft nut socket. I may get lucky and have a hub socket that fits it.
... Let's goooo Brandon!

You have NO idea how many times per day at work I hear this. :lol: I passed the gas station on the way in yesterday morning, and said the exact same thing...or perhaps I said the translation. Words were said, let's put it that way.
Sometimes I forget that's your gubment name. Not gunna lie.
Well, guys, it happened. At 336,830 miles...this thing decided that 4th gear was no longer necessary. No amount of clearing the code or resetting the transmission would get it working again....and 35 miles from home at my buddy's house. I even got pulled over on my way home.

I don't have 4,000 bucks to rebuild the transmission, so she's down for a while.
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Possibly coming soon... "How to build an Allison" :D I just need to make a PTO cover adapter plate, pick up a cheap engine stand, a big drain pan, two cases of brake cleaner, some transmission fluid, trans gel, and find 4000 bucks. I'm really hoping this thing isn't down until tax time, but we'll see how it goes.

The fluid looks like some high dollar metallic paint, so I'm sure the C1 and C2 clutches are smoked. I've considered finding a used trans to stab in it, but I really don't want to do this twice.
Possibly coming soon... "How to build an Allison" :D I just need to make a PTO cover adapter plate, pick up a cheap engine stand, a big drain pan, two cases of brake cleaner, some transmission fluid, trans gel, and find 4000 bucks. I'm really hoping this thing isn't down until tax time, but we'll see how it goes.

The fluid looks like some high dollar metallic paint, so I'm sure the C1 and C2 clutches are smoked. I've considered finding a used trans to stab in it, but I really don't want to do this twice.
You know if it's that bad you really need to replace the valve body with the 6spd version :D
I've considered the 6 speed swap, but the cost (2000+ dollars) vs dropping 300 rpm at 80 mph wouldn't be worth it. Plus, several people have reported them shifting oddly.

Although, going to 4.10s and doing the 6 speed conversion would be a really good setup and net me a few less RPM cruising and let me have more low end. As it sits now, 6th gear would be useless until 70+ mph and I'd need to add a tap shifter to keep it out of 6th when towing heavy.
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This thing is still chillin' in my yard. I fired it up a few days ago after being gone all month. I do need to limp it up the road to get it inspected so I can get tags though.

I'm waiting for the two grand the gub'ment owes me for traveling since September...and I may be able to stow away some more lunch money to drop a wad on the transmission soon-ish. Hoping to not have to wait until tax time, but if I do...it's not the end of the world. I usually have my stuff filed as soon as they start accepting them and have my federal return back before the end of February. I'm hoping I'll get a fatter stack back this year because they denied our "tax free" while I was in the Persian Gulf with an active MEU.

At any rate, as long as I can scrounge enough to get the transmission parts/upgrades...then I'll keep my 99 Silverado, which would be ideal in the long run. I've got plans in mind for it!
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